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About Us

About Us




The Flip Cap is a double-billed hat with a hidden flip-up feature. Our brand, Rally Flip Cap® has a utility-patented function and design. Our hats give users the ability to stand out from the crowd by “flipping” what’s on their mind. We have created a new type of headwear centered around the fan experience; making hats more attention-getting, entertaining, versatile, and fun.

Ball caps have evolved beyond baseball and sports. They have spread to cultures and countries that aren’t even familiar with the game. Worn for a brand, team, or fashion, the common cap nowadays has become a symbol of self-expression and identity. The desire to express your personality will never go out of style. The Flip Cap is an ideal way to support a cause, make a lasting impression, put a smile on someone's face or at the very least, cover up a bad hair day.



A Family Business

In 1977 our dad Neil Kay, started Cisco Sales Corp. a sourcing and product development company. It all started back in 2009 when the economy took a big hit, we all felt it. My brother and I decided to to make the sacrifice to go into our family business to ensure its survival. For decades, our dad made products for other people. We decided it was time to create something of our own.

The original idea stems from Jordan Kay, a former Cal walk on placekicker that earned himself a scholarship in the Fall of '07. Jordan attended UC Berkeley from '04-'09, graduating with a degree in American studies with an emphasis on international business. Cal is the 1st collegiate institution to generate revenue from our brand Rally Flip Cap®. The University receives a portion of each sale, which goes to support teaching and research activities on campus. 

We began in 2013 with a simple idea and concept. Over the course of the next three years, we conducted market research and worked tirelessly to develop, trademark, and patent a premium product that would meet our highest standards of quality. On August 21st, 2016 we launched our first NCAA flip cap line representing the University of California, Berkeley at the UC Berkeley Recreational Sports Facility.

We ‘re all about working hard while still having fun. We are professional but don’t take ourselves too seriously. Our hats are the perfect embodiment of both. Feeling down? Flip it down. Feeling up? Flip it up! The beauty is having the choice.

All of our products are designed in California and made in China. Part of our vision is to partner with other headwear brands and sports licenses.

One of our all-time favorite movies is Happy Gilmore. While Chubbs Peterson coached Happy, he always hinted that, “It’s all in the hips.” We like to say, “It’s all in the flips.”

Jordan Kay (Founder): Berkeley Alumni class of 2009. Placekicker for the California Golden Bears in 2007. Studied American Studies with an emphasis on International Business and work in the Global Economy. Key Roles - Inventor, Business Development, Product Manager, Quality Control, Sales, Trade Show/Events Coordinator, Exceptional Customer Service, and Shipping.

Ian Kay (Co-Founder): LMU Alumni class of 2012. Studied Studio Arts with an emphasis on Branding and Visual Communication. Key Roles - Content Creator, Visual Designer, Webmaster, Branding, Marketing, Sales, Exceptional Customer Service, and Shipping.



"I like it. It could be so stupid that it could be great." - Daymond John